It’s April now, five months after we launched our famously failed Kickstarter campaign.  It crashed and burned after not reaching it’s goal in thirty days.  On day thirty-one every dollar was returned to it’s rightful owner, and we were left penniless back at square one.  Where to from here?  Here to from here – Oysterbaymen.com and our brand new campaign!

Isn’t this exciting?  More people asking you for money?  It’s a dream, right?

Well hear me out for a minute and maybe you’ll agree, this actually is a dream:

  • Our environment has some serious problems, agreed?
  • We are offering help.  A lot of help.
  • All we’re asking from you is the cost of a bottle of water at the movies, and you’ll be helping too

Feels kind of good being asked now doesn’t it.

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The Oyster Bay Baymen are a group of independent shell fishermen living and working in Oyster Bay Harbor on Long Island, NY. We make our living working the waters of North Oyster Bay & Cold Spring Harbors, and the Long Island Sound. We harvest hard clams, steamer clams, and oysters by hand raking in waters from 5 to 60 feet deep. We work year-round, regardless of weather, to supply our buyers with the freshest shellfish possible.